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Regular and also non-scheduled air connections for Slovakia and Europe and also worldwide are made mainly by the international airport at Bratislava and Schwechat in Vienna Austria. There are also air connections through the international airport in Budapest Hungary that is only 206km from PARK SNOW Donovaly.

The main Slovak international airport is M. R. Štefánika Airport in Bratislava which is only 9km from the centre of Bratislava and 220km from PARK SNOW Donovaly. It serves both regular and non-scheduled flights for domestic and international routes.
Poprad - Tatry
The Poprad-Tatras international airport is surrounded by beautiful countryside (in the close vicinity there are 4 National Parks), mountain streams, lakes, caves, historical villages and towns, churches, castles (several of which are to be found on the UNESCO Workd Heritage list), as well as winter sports and summer hiking resorts. The airport is 104km from PARK SNOW Donovaly.

At the present time there are regular flights to and from London through SkyEurope Airlines (Boeing 737-700 to Luton Airport).
A suitable geographic position in central Slovakia sees Sliač Airport only 40km from PARK SNOW Donovaly. On the other hand the performance of the airport is more of a regional airport for non-scheduled flights.
The Sliač - Prague - Sliač route was reintroduced in August 2003 but was again cancelled in January 2008 and at the present time there are no regular flights from Sliač Airport.
Žilina Airport is in the north of Slovakia and is mainly used by Slovak and foreign airlines, and for company, private, training and sports flights, also for medi-flights, special aerospace work as well as being used by the Slovak Air Force. Since July 2005 there are regular flights Prague – Žilina - Prague run by Czech Airlines in 46 seater twin-motor ATR 42 aircraft. There are two daily flights from Žilina to Prague. From Prague there is a wide choice of flights to all over the world.
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Air connections for eastern Slovakia are taken care of by Košice Airport which is the second most important airport in Slovakia. The airport is about 6km from the centre of Košice.

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