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Travelling by train is one of the most comfortable ways of transportation. You can stretch your legs, go for a train walk, or go to the restaurant compartment... Slovakia is conveniently connected to the international rail net through 20 country borders. If you travel regularly by train, you can use a number of discounts - ISIC, ITIC cards, etc.

The needs of railway connection and transport service on rail tracks is provided by 3665 km of lengths of Slovak train tracks. The railways are included into the net of international corridors and they meet the international parameter requirements.

The Railways of the Slovak Republic, as a member of European Transportation Routes, guarantees the compliance of international agreements and technical norms with surrounding railway administrations.

Here are the international corridors passing through Slovakia:

  • corridor n. IV - north-west Europe - Czech Republic-Kury-Bratislava-Sturovo- Hungary-Balkan/orient
  • branch of corridor n. Va-Bratislava-Zilina-Cierna nad Tisou-Ukraine
  • corridor n. VI - Balt - Warsaw - Zwardon-Skalite-Cadca-Zilina with continuation on corridor n. Va
  • corridor n. IX - north - south connection of corridor n. IX with Poland - Warsaw - Krakow-Muszyna-Plavec-Presov-Kysak-Kosice-Cana- Hungary- Romania- Bulgaria- Alexandropolis (Greece)

It is possible to make the 445 km journey between the 2 largest cities in the Slovak Republic - Bratislava and Kosice - in 4 hours and 45 minutes by the Inter City train.

In case of need you can choose the best way of travel through the net or you can reserve your ticket online. (see, If you need to find the combined connection - train, bus - click on

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