• Dog sledding


Phone: +421 907 543 614

Website: www.miroslavmarusak.sk/jazda-so-psim-zaprahom-donovaly/

Offer of services with dog sled

  • 1-round until 1000m
  • 1-round until 2000m 10 minutes
  • 1-round until 3000m 15 minutes
  • Trip 30 minutes
  • Trip 1 hour
  • Trip 2 hours
  • All-day trip (4-5 hours)

Restrictions: Two adults or three children can be taken on the sled at a time. The maximum weight of passengers is 160 kg. Sledding is only possible when the entire track is sufficiently covered with snow; in bad weather conditions, the ride may be postponed. We drive to approx. March 20 or depending on snow conditions.