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SKI touring

Ski alpinism enthusiasts can also enjoy a ski tour during the winter. We have 3 marked ski touring routes in Donovaly. Two of them, A and B, start from the center of the village in the direction of the summer red tourist sign to Zvolen hill. The red route A partly copies the red summer tourist route to Zvolen, 1.9 km long with an elevation of 417 meters, and the yellow route marked as B leads to Zvolen and Nová hoľa via the Prípor saddle and is extended to 3.4 km with an elevation of 417 meters. The blue sign C leads from the Pod Magurou part of the village past the Patočiny buffet to the Zvolen hill. The length of the route is 4.2 km and the elevation is 466 meters. 

Map of ski touring routes

Route A:

Route B:

Route C:

The entry of ski alpinists to the slopes intended for skiing is only possible from 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. Ski alpinists can use the slope only along the edge and must go behind one another, not next to each other. The mentioned measures are necessary to eliminate the risk of injury due to a collision with skiers, with the equipment used on the ski slopes (especially snow groomers, snowmaking equipment and electric cables).