• White codex

Every visitor is obliged to familiarize himself with these rules - the White Code. By purchasing a skipass or using transport facilities or entering the ski resort area, every visitor undertakes to comply with these rules.

  • MUTUAL CONSIDERATION – Every visitor must behave in the ski resort and in particular on the track in a manner so as not to endanger or cause injury to other visitors.
  • REASONABLE SPEED – While skiing, every visitor must ski at a speed and style adequate to their personal abilities and prevalent weather conditions.
  • CHOICE OF DIRECTION AND RESPONSIBILITY Every visitor skiing from the rear must choose their direction such that they do not endanger skiers in front of them. Skiers skiing behind others must ensure an adequate distance so that those in front have enough free space to change direction or style of skiing without being endangered.
  • OVERTAKING – Overtaking is allowed on the left or right but always with such a gap that there is room to react to changes in direction of those being overtaken.
  • CROSSING A SLOPE – Every person who steps onto and/or crosses a ski slope must always check the slope above and below them to avoid any possible collision.
  • STOPPING Vistors are permitted to stop and stand only at place where they are visible to all others and where they do not obstruct others from using the slope in a proper manner. Stopping and standing is permitted only at the sides of the slope.
  • ASCENDING AND DESCENDING SLOPES ON FOOT – Walking up the slopes is permitted only at the edges of the slope and with extreme care in places with restricted visibility. The same applies to descending.
  • RESPECTING SIGNS – Every visitor must respect all signs placed on the ski slopes.
  • ACCIDENTS – Every visitor is obliged to offer first aid if required.
  • IDENTIFICATION Every participant in and witness to an accident are obliged to provide Mountain Rescue or resort employees with their personal details.
  • SAFETY  Marked ski slopes are maintained with the exception of “freeride” zones. Every visitor uses the slopes at their own risk and prior to using the slopes must assess their skills after taking into consideration the state of the slope, the prevalent weather conditions and how many other users are on the slopes.
  • SKIPASS - Every visitor is obliged to use the transport facilities using a valid skipass and prior to getting on a transport facility they are obliged to show a valid skipass at the request of a resort employee or other person authorized to execute the inspection. A valid skipass is deemed such, the validity period has not expired and that the visitor has met all required conditions. If a skipass has been issued to a particular person, it cannot be used by another person, and its use is solely meant for the person to whom it has been issued.
  • PROHIBITED - it is forbidden to use the slopess by persons without skis or snowboards, with pets, for the purpose of sledding, on a quad bike or scooter, ski alpinists can use the slopes between 1:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. and only along the edge and they must go behind each other, not next to each other,